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Join us as we read the book of Revelation, not as a terrifying future prophecy, but as a glimpse into the ultimate reality: no matter the appearance here on earth, the Lamb who was slain has already defeated the beast!

Father Terry shares wisdom on how we can live as Christians surrounded by the world.

It's no surprise to you that the world, the country, our own local communities and even many families are in a bad place. Trust has eroded, respect for law and each other's dignity is rare. Power and Money, the basic tenets that drive any nation, have failed to resolve these problems. What does the Church bring to this situation that is different and that may very well consist of the real solution to what ails our world, town and families? Let's explore this idea together from the Biblical perspective of living life in COVENANT. Doing so could literally change the world!

brief, irregular postings by Fr. Ron, Fr. Chris & Fr. Terry

In the latest post Fr. Terry teaches us about how Christ is present in Holy Communion.

Join Fr. Ron for a seven-week study looking at how we use our time and the information we take in. As the food pyramid defines healthy eating for the body, the Wisdom Pyramid defines healthy information intake for the mind. All based on scripture, explore together how to be wise as we balance our lifestyle to optimally serve our Lord. We will meet today through May 23, 9:15-10:00 am.

Fr. Terry

An adult education course about the first 12 chapters of the Bible.

This study through Philippians ran on Wednesday afternoons throughout 2021.

This is a 6-week series where we explore what does the Bible really say about the nature of our Christian hope and our final destiny.

A one-time Wednesday teaching.

A one-time Wednesday teaching.

A one-time Wednesday teaching.

Ron leads us through an 8 part series on the armor of God.

Father Terry walks us through John 1:1-18.

A rudimentary introduction of the black church in America. We will be using a free course by Fr. Esau McCaulley at Nashtoah House seminary as our guide.

Fr. Terry Leads us through the Nicene Creed.