This Week at St. Thomas

Important Worship Service Information

Starting Sunday, June 28, the 8 am service will be held outdoors in the Pavilion. Please sit spaced apart at picnic tables, bring your own lawn chair, sit in the grass area or even sit in your car with windows down. We'll try to have enough amplification that everyone can hear well. If weather is too inclement, we'll move the service indoors.

Picnic tables will not be sanitized so bring your own wipes if you feel the need. We hope that more folks will be comfortable attending with this change of venue. Continue to bring masks for use when coming or going and for Communion.

Our 10:15 am service with music (no singing yet) will be indoors and live streamed as well as recorded.

Technology Team Help Needed

We have committed to streaming and recording our services each week for those unable to attend for any reason. We need to create a team of individuals able to operate the camera and sound system during the 10:15 am service each week. It's easy enough to learn if you have the interest. Fr. Chris has this down to a science!

It's quickly become an important ministry for St. Thomas and for those who cannot attend church. Please prayerfully consider whether you can assist with this service. We are hoping to schedule people only once per month or less.

Please let Fr. Chris know if you are willing and able to help. Email him at The equipment is pretty easy to use and training will be provided.

Altar Flowers and Sanctuary Lamp

If you signed up and paid for Altar Flowers or the Sanctuary Lamp for a time when we were not meeting, please sign up for another day. July is completely available! Please call Carol if you have any questions about flower or lamp donations. Thank you!

Altar flowers and the sanctuary lamp may be given in memory of a loved one or in thanksgiving for blessings received. The altar flower donation is $21 and the sanctuary lamp donation is $5. Donate both for $25. There is an order form on the table at the back of the church. Please place your payment and completed form in the offertory and sign up on the bulletin board in the parish hall.

Prayer Requests

If you have a specific need or concern for which you would like to have someone pray, please email: We will be happy to share your confidential request with our Prayer Warrior Team .

In Our Prayers


Pray for the Diocese of Pittsburgh and Bishop Jim Hobby and his wife, Shari.


Pray for Out-of-Town Clergy, The Rev. Dr. Travis Bott (Jill), The Rev. Dr. Aaron Carpenter (Linda), The Rev. Dr. Kirsten Gardner (Mark), The Rev. Dr. Judith Marie Gentle (Jerry), The Rev. Diana Gorgos, The Rev. Gordon Green (Ruth), The Rev. Canon Andrew & The Rev. Summer Gross, The Rev. Ethan Harrison (Lindsay), and The Rev. Julie Cate Kelly-Stump (Mark).

Names remain on the prayer list for 3 months. Names will be read during the Prayers of the People for 4 weeks. Please keep our prayer list current by removing names of those who no longer need intentional prayer.


Judy; Pat; Dolly; Norm and Ruby; Marissa; Marky; Jone; Jean; Billy; Jennie; Lauren; Emily; K & K; Brian and Troy; Sue and family; Jean and Jennifer; Bonnie; Barbara Ann; Scott, Holly, and Kinley; Cathy; Dave; Rhonda; JoAnn; Diane; Tomsko and Young Families; Brian; Steven W.; Rebecca; Dan; Ann Louise; Kenny; Rod and Mary; and Cindy; Maddie; Nathan; Carl; and Jon.


Justin W.; Dan S.; Pat Sharkey; Chad D.; Mike B.; Mat B,; Ty W.; Stephen M. Scott M.; Jesse W.; Chris R.; Heidi Jean; Richard; Omar; Todd; Brian; Sonja; Corey A.; Bene K.; Clifford M.; Jordan B.; Tristan Z.; Logan; Jackson S.; and Matthew D.

Pastoral Needs

Home Visits or Communion

For those hospitalized or unable to attend church, home visits or Communion can be arranged easily by contacting the church office at: 724-443-1963 or emailing: Communion typically is taken to nursing homes and the homebound on the first Sunday of each month.

Pastoral Counseling

Fr .Ron and Fr. Chris are available for spiritual direction or pastoral counsel upon request. You may email them directly, Fr. Ron at: and Fr. Chris at or leave a message on the church voicemail at 724-443-1963.

Pastoral Services

Please contact Patti Flagg at 724-443-1663 if you or somebody you know in the congregation is in need of Pastoral Services such as meals or rides.