This Week at St. Thomas

Worship Services at 8:00 am and 10:15 am

Adult Education Resumes September 17 

"The Big Picture"

Sometimes getting too comfortable in our lives or too close to a situation can cause us to lose perspective. We “miss the forest for the trees” as the saying goes. As a corrective, it is often good for us to step out, step away, or step back from our routine or our situation so that we can see the “big picture,” gain better perspective, see how we fit in to the larger world and grow in ways that may be needed. This fall at St Thomas Anglican Church, we will work through some of the big picture aspects of what it means to be an Anglican in a worldwide communion of Christians, what it means to be a part of the Anglican Church here in North America, what it means to be a part of St Thomas and how we are to navigate our citizenship as those belonging to the Kingdom of God and the USA. Join us for this exciting series! 

Next Vestry Meeting, Monday, October 9, 7:00 PM

Service and Missions Opportunities:

Women’s Choice Network Baby Bottle Campaign 

We will be fundraising for the Women’s Choice Network until November 5. Bottles are available on the table at the back of the church. You can fill the bottle with change, dollar bills or even a check. Please make your check payable to “St. Thomas” and write “WCN” in the memo line. You may also place a check in the offertory plate or mail it to the church. Women’s Choice Network “empowers abortion-vulnerable women to choose life”. Please see Karen DeSanto for more information.

PB & J Back to School Collection, Due Today

Please consider purchasing peanut butter and/or jelly for our PB & J Back to School Collection for the Lighthouse Foodbank. Because some people are allergic to peanuts, any nut butters will be accepted. Please place any donations in the bin at the back of the church before October 1. This collection is also a great way to help kids appreciate how blessed we truly are!

40 Days for Life Prayer Vigil 

From Sept. 27 through Nov. 5, you’re invited to join other Christians for 40 Days for Life – 40 days of prayer and fasting for an end to abortion. We need volunteers to stand and peacefully pray during a 40-day vigil in the public right-of-way outside Planned Parenthood, 933 Liberty Avenue, and to help spread the word about this important community outreach. If you’d like more information – or if you’d like to volunteer, please email Nikki Bruni, or Donna Goss  

Shepherd’s Heart Volunteer Opportunities

Shepherd’s Heart is Seeking Volunteers for the following:

~ Drop-in Center: volunteers will often assist once-a week or twice-a-month on a recurring day for 2-4 hours between 7:30am and 2:00pm. Volunteers assist the staff with whatever the needs are on a given day. One day you may serve coffee or breakfast or you may pass out soap and towels!

~ Office Assistance: 2 hours each week to assist with recording and acknowledging Gifts-In-Kind (non-monetary gifts).

~ Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, it is very helpful to have a volunteer by the back door to receive donations as there is a great increase during the holidays. Often volunteers sit with a book or schoolwork to pass the time. 

If you are interested in helping, please contact Shepherd’s Heart directly at 412-281-1305 or 

Cindy and Lee Gilch are planning to volunteer some time in November or December. If you are a little nervous about jumping in by yourself, please speak with them. 

Blessing of the Animals, October 8, 1:00 pm

The Blessing of the Animals Service will take place in the St. Thomas Pavilion on Sunday, October 8th at 1 pm. Each animal will receive an individual blessing from Fr. Jay. Please invite your family and friends to this short but popular service!

Vestry Nominations

One of the most significant ministries in the church is that of Vestry member.  It is a rewarding position that requires a strong faith and a willingness to work with a team to seek together God’s will for St. Thomas.

We have FOUR open positions! Please prayerfully consider whom you believe might serve well as a Vestry member or if you, yourself, might feel so called to serve.  

A Vestry nominee must be:

- A person of faith and good judgment

- A baptized member of the church in good standing

- On the Treasurer’s rolls for at least six months.

Please drop the names of those you wish to nominate in the box on the table at the back of the church. All nominees will be asked if they choose to have their names added to the ballot. Please speak to Manny Schnepp or Dave Bergstrom if you would like more information. Nominations must be made no later than Sunday, November 5 in order post nominations. 

Backpack Blessings for the Lighthouse!

Instead of 15 backpacks like we planned, we had 23 fully stocked backpacks assembled on Monday morning. Before the Vestry Meeting, Fr. Jay blessed the backpacks so they could be delivered to the Lighthouse as soon as possible. Thank you for your generosity.

Altar Flowers and Sanctuary Lamp

2023 Price for flowers: $23.50

The calendar to sign up for the Altar Flowers and the Sanctuary Lamp is posted on the bulletin board in the parish hall. In order to be sure the flowers are ordered, please do all of the following at least 3 weeks before your scheduled week. If it is less than 3 weeks in advance, please call Carol because bulletins are often done 2-3 weeks early.

Sign up on the 2023 Flower and Lamp calendar found on the bulletin board or online through the weekly email

Complete the order form-found next to the calendar on the bulletin board or in the email and return it with your payment.

Pay for the flowers using the envelope in your offertory envelopes or a blank envelope with “flowers” written on the outside or on your check

The cost of the flowers is $23.50 and the lamp is $5. If you donate both, the cost is $26.50. If you need assistance with signing up, please call Carol on her cell phone, 412-720-3129.

New Prayer List Begins Sunday, October 8

A new Prayer List will start on October 8. Please circle the names of those whom you wish to remain on our Prayer. The current Prayer List is on the bulletin board in the parish hall. Names remain on the list for 3 months unless you remove them by emailing Carol or crossing the name off the prayer list on the bulletin board. 

Prayer Requests

If you have a specific need or concern for which you would like to have someone pray, please email: We will be happy to  share your confidential request with our Prayer Warrior Team .   

In Our Prayers 


9/17,  Trinity Anglican Church (Patton) The Rev. Douglas Blakelock (Wendy)

9/24, Reconciliation Anglican Church (Penn Hills) The Rev. Chip Bateson (Mara), The Rev. Dn. Carolyn Nunnally, The Rev. Dn. Judith Howells (Kenneth)

10/1,  Incarnation Church (Pittsburgh) The Rev. Paul Johnston (Sharon)

10/8,  St. Stephen's Church (Sewickley) The Rev. Clint Kerley (Kim), The Rev. Dr. William Henry (Dana), The Rev. Todd Murden (Becca), The Rev. Seth Zimmerman (Laura)


9/17  The Diocese of the Mid-Atlantic, Bishop Chris Warner and his wife, Catherine; Bishop John Guernsey and his wife, Meg; Bishop John Howe and his wife, Karen; and Bishop Philip Zampino and his wife, Jean.

9/24, The Diocese of the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic (REC), Bishop R. Charles Gillin and his wife, Jan, and Bishop Williams Jennings and his wife, Kimberley.

10/1,  The Diocese of Churches for the Sake of Others, Bishop Todd Hunter and his wife, Debbie.

10/8 ,  The Diocese of Fort Worth, Bishop Ryan Reed and his wife, Kathy; Bishop Keith Ackerman and his wife, Joann; and Bishop William Wantland.



O heavenly Father, you have filled the world with beauty: Open our eyes to behold your gracious hand in all your works; that, rejoicing in your whole creation, we may learn to serve you with gladness; for the sake of him through whom all things were made, your Son Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Almighty God and heavenly Father, we bless and praise your Name on behalf of your servants and we give you humble thanks

that you have been pleased to deliver him from sickness. Grant, O

gracious Father, that by your help he may live in this world according to your will, and be made a partaker of everlasting glory in the life to come; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Norm and Ruby Hayden; Gloria Drambel; Norma Snyder; Joe Kosarik; Marissa Sharkey; Molly; Mary Ann K.; Wayne; Sally; Michael; Maggie; Debbie; Amanda, David, Greta and Rosalie; M. and K.; Jessica; Tracey; Delaney; Lisa Raub; Gary Seger; Scott Muredda; Gina Venturella; John Woods; The Kifer Family; Mike; Ruth; Earl Burke; Lea Steibel; Diana Bucek; Nick and Jen; Susan; Marky; Joey; Jett; John, Bev and family; Betsy, Mattie, Joel and Steve; Laurie and Mark Schantz; John; Melanie; Kenny; The Poorman Family; Kristen; Nate; Fr. Ron and Sue Baillie; Ginny; Mary Garrison; Bill and Bea Woods; Paul and Jan Jay; The Pearce and Roberts Family; Kristi Reeves; The Mader and Schmitzer Family; Tom Murray; Linda DeRoner; Stephanie Gamoneda; Tim Murcko.


Chad D.; Mike B.; Mat B,; Ty W.; Stephen M.; Scott M.; Jesse W.; Chris R.; Heidi Jean; Richard; Omar; Todd; Brian; Sonja; Corey A.; Bene K.; Clifford M.; Jordan B.; Tristan Z.; Logan; Jackson S.; and Matthew D.;  Tristin;   Dakota; Caleb M.; Colton V.; Harley.

Pastoral Needs

Home Visits or Communion

For those hospitalized or unable to attend church, home visits or Communion can be arranged easily by contacting the church office at: 724-443-1963 or emailing: Communion typically is taken to nursing homes and the homebound on the first Sunday of each month.

Pastoral Counseling

Pastoral/Spiritual counseling is available upon request. You may leave a message on the church voicemail, 724-443-1963 or call Fr. Jay, 412-977-7751, and arrangements will be made.

Pastoral Services

Please contact Melissa Schmitzer, 412-418-1348, if you or somebody you know in the congregation is in need of Pastoral Services such as meals or rides.

Fr. Jay’s Office Hours

Fr. Jay will be in the office on Wednesdays from 3 pm to 7 pm. You may pop in to see him, but giving him a little notice would be helpful for his planning purposes.