Clergy and Staff

Fr. Ron Baillie


Fr. Chris Hill

Associate Rector

Katherine and I first came to Saint Thomas in the spring of 2016, shortly after we were married. The hospitality and love made us feel right at home. I was honored to serve as a deacon until we departed for a year in Kenya. We returned to Pittsburgh in Feb. '19 and I was thrilled to resume serving with Fr. Ron as the Associate Rector. I love watching God meet and transform lives through the community of his people.

Mrs. Carol Bergstrom

Parish Administrator, Treasurer

Our Vestry

The vestry at St. Thomas is the true life-blood. Led by a senior and junior warden, each vestry member takes leadership of a particular part of our parish life.

Dave Bergstrom

Senior Warden

Jeremy Pulham

Junior Warden

Jon Baillie


Bonnie Colaianne


John Colaianne


Patti Flagg

Pastoral Care

Marti Pristas

Mission and Outreach

Manny Schnepp