Sunday School

Faith into Action

Sundays 9:15 AM

We want to help kids put faith into action. This is a great way to help the kids develop into disciples and build Christ-like habits/ways of living and being. In addition, this is a great opportunity for you as parents/families to engage in these actions together. Oftentimes what can be really eye opening for kids is when parents model these Fruits of the Spirit in their own lives and discuss this with their kids.

That being said, our format for class, at least for the first 9 weeks or so, will be to read a parable together, discuss the meaning in simple, straightforward terms and then discuss and plan ways for the kids to put the meaning into action. I have matched up parables to the Fruits of the Spirit and will use the kids' knowledge of these fruits to help them act these Fruits of the Spirit out. For instance, the first week we will read the Parable of the Lamp from Matthew and discuss/plan ways to let their light shine through kindness.