Lessons Archive


Hope & the Afterlife

Fr. Chris

This is a 6-week series where we explore what does the Bible really say about the nature of our Christian hope and our final destiny.

Who was Mary?

Fr. Ron

Jesus, the early years.

Fr. Ron

The Armor of God

Fr. Ron

Ron leads us through an 8 part series on the armor of God.

The Prologue to the Gospel of John

Fr. Terry Johnson

Father Terry walks us through John 1:1-18.

An Introduction to Reading in Color - November 2020 and Christmas 2020

Fr. Chris Hill

A rudimentary introduction of the black church in America. We will be using a free course by Fr. Esau McCaulley at Nashtoah House seminary as our guide.

The Nicene Creed - September & October 2020

Fr. Terry

Fr. Terry Leads us through the Nicene Creed.